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Chief Nuclear Officer (CNO) Message

Robert Fisher - Chief Nuclear Officer

Hello and welcome to Nawah Energy Company’s website. We hope that you take the time to explore this platform to better understand who we are and what we do, but most importantly, what we stand for.

In my capacity as CNO of Nawah Energy Company here in the UAE, I take pride in the exceptional progress we have made with our Korean partners. We are fortunate to say that we are achieving our functional readiness milestones with the utmost attention to safety and quality to soon operate the Middle East’s first nuclear power plant, which in and of itself is a major achievement.

Our values (AT SITE), which are an essential element of The Nawah Way, have managed to provide a solid foundation to unify our multicultural, multinational, Emirati-led team and aid in being the driving force behind our success.

Aside from the obvious mandate of providing the citizens of the UAE with efficient, reliable, cost effective and clean energy to generate electricity for decades to come, the second long term strategic objective is to create technically sound nuclear professionals.

Professionals at Nawah with previous nuclear operating experience take pride in knowledge transfer, training and coaching to mold Emirati citizens into nuclear professionals with technical prowess, professional nuclear conduct and operational discipline, second to none.

At Nawah, we embrace the uniqueness of the nuclear industry and we are always keen to share expertise and knowledge among our global peers. We are constantly on the lookout to invite nuclear professionals to join our project and become part of a very demanding, but very rewarding journey. We look forward to driving this operation forward with full dedication, commitment and transparency always ensuring that safety and quality are the overriding priority.

I would like to thank the leadership for entrusting me and the team with this mandate, as well as our stakeholders for their unwavering support. It is safe to say that the best is yet to come.


Robert Fisher